The UK’s education system is failing its students

students for hignfy

Written by Paige Collins

The education system in the UK has gradually lost it’s purpose. I am writing this first hand as a student. The way the system works truly angers me, and affects so many of us. We just want to learn and get where we want to go!

Tell me: why are there so many interferences? And why is nothing the way it SHOULD be? In the UK, schools are either provided by the government, or there are independent schools (private schools) – of which i have been there and done. I attended Wellington grammar school as a kid in primary- and not only did i learn at such a young age that education had no relation to wealth- but that children should not be categorised into private/public. This is unfair on those who have more than the ability to perform with excellence throughout education, but aren’t able to attend said school as money is important? I have been convulsed by this idea since I left Wellington. (This being the reason) Emotional intelligence, imagination, the crossing of art and science- who cares? You want to express yourself? Yeah; you’ll have to be at a private school.

Back to things that are happening six hours a day, every day. Yes, we go to school and we learn. But why isn’t school the way it used to be – when our parents were there, learning USEFUL things. I can speak a fluent paragraph in french as I had no choice but to take the class, but I’m incapbale of putting together a cooker.

Practical has been forgotten about. And the education system blames it on health and safety conditions. This is nonsense. Absolute bollocks. Times have changed, but there is no factual excuse.

I don’t want to rant and rave for days, but these are some facts the majority of students will agree with. The main two faults in this awful system (in my opinion). Together, as the students, the ball is in our court. What WE want to learn is what WE want to learn.

example: i’m not moving to france.


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