Why are young people so excluded from politics?

for rebeccas article

Written by Rebecca Couling

Politics. Some love it, some…well…not so much.

In all honesty I can wholly understand why. If you do not have an inbuilt passion for politics, what’s ‘out there’ to ignite such a passion? The answer is, very little. Serious politics in the media is almost always a group of Eton-educated Tories shouting over one another in an attempt to debate something you don’t think even affects you. Then there is the political satire genre. This includes things like Have I Got News For You, and Mock The Week. Great TV but rather exclusive and not really informative at all.

There is hardly anything for the UK’s young people.

There are lots of possible reasons for the lack of youth-engaging politics.

As we, young people, mostly cannot vote, it is easier to leave us out of the equation. Older people can vote, and they do vote. If politicians neglected the older population, they would be “punished at the ballot box”. As the population has aged, so has the vote, with the 2010 election seeing a huge  76% turnout of people aged 65+, and just a 44% turnout of people aged 18-24. This all means that the most important group of people for politicians is the elderly. We have seen pensions ‘triple locked’, and tuition fees trebled. This years election campaigns will be heavily centered around the elderly, because simply, they are going to vote and we are not.

This needs to change. Politicians need to make an effort to influence and include young people in a positive way. We NEED more politics aimed at young people. We cannot let politics neglect us any more.


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