Britain First: First and foremost racist.

Written by Sian-Elise Sutherland Bramley
Anyone who has logged into Facebook or picked up their paper in the morning will recognise the name Britain First. And if you share your views with myself, then you will shudder with rage and utter pity as you are confronted with their published protests.
You will have read or seen posts by this far-right Britain nationalist “political party” (laughable notion) because they are infamous for their use of pictures of those unaffiliated with the organisation who have sadly passed, without the consent of their grieving families in order to gain popularity from anyone who stumbles onto their page. Another factor that makes Nigel Farage’s computer geeks so predominate in the presence of publicity is their “non- racist” posts and pleads such as “BAN THE BURQA! THEY BANNED PAUL GOLDING FROM WEARING A BRITIAN FIRST HOODY SO WHY NOT?” which leads me to another reason these play ground racists are taken so seriously in the political world….merchandise.
To paraphrase their “mission statement” they state they aim keep Britain British. Personally I feel they fail to recognise Britain and “traditional British culture” is based around an accumulation of many different cultures and therefore Britain will always be a multi-cultural country.
I feel that anyone who believes they have the soul and the power to put forward a political message on a daily basis, should do so with the correct knowledge of that they are opposing and the moral compass that will guide them away from hijacking a symbol of remembrance, exploiting those that have passed and can no longer express their own beliefs and most importantly promoting a hateful agenda.
Hopefully the old and new generation of voters have not been a victim of the group glamorising islamaphobia and racism, and thankfully they have no place in parliament, but do have the ability to sway your vote. Please look into all political parties before you vote and ask yourself,Do they deserve my vote? Is this party fuelled by hate or change?

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