Get your voice heard through BBC Generation 2015

bbc generation

Written by Luna Webster

Have I Got News For Youth is a platform that we built in order to give young people and additionally young voters the chance to get their political and societal voice heard. The BBC is running a new initiative under that very principle in the run up to the general election and it is an amazing opportunity for the people in our readership.

They’re collecting multiple people aged from 18-24 to participate in a range of discussions across a range of shows, on both television and radio. Although we are very proud of our little collective here, this is obviously an excellent chance to talk and share views at a more high profile level. The project is looking especially for young people who are part of communities that are considered under-represented at the BBC and people who haven’t had much political experience in the past. This is the time for you to get those questions asked and get those points across.

The deadline for application is Monday 2nd February and you can apply here. Good luck to all applicants! We hope you manage to get our generation recognised for who we are and what we are capable of to those in power.


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