“They took our jobs!” – UKIP and immigration


Written by Andrew Wilson

In recent years, the profile of UKIP has risen immeasurably. For those that are unaware, UKIP is an abbreviation of the UK Independence Party. Personally, this abbreviation sounds a bit like a quirky street drug, like M-Cat, or Ketamine, which incidentally have a similarly toxic effect on the populace. Headed by the outspoken and, to some, the grossly offensive Nigel Farage, the party targets the votes of the working and lower middle class white male, old and young. Farage has courted this group with ease, masquerading as your everyday man. If the everyday man were to love lager, cigarettes and attend an elite public school.

Here’s a question for you: if the Sun and Daily Mail are anything to go by, what does the everyday man fear the most? And no, it’s not the removal, or now non-removal, of Page 3. It’s immigration. Right-wing media outlets like the Sun generate the fear and UKIP prey upon it like all far-right parties; however, UKIP are a little more subtle than their far-right counterparts regarding immigrants. They’ll ship you back to war-torn Syria, but they won’t racial abuse you at the same time, well, maybe a smidge of abuse in private. Such gentlemen.

UKIP’s driving policy is to leave the EU. It states that leaving the EU is the only way to stem the flow of immigrants and “regain control of our borders” – who’s controlling them if we aren’t? Me? You? Your cat? My cat? Cat controlled borders aside, one cannot help but feel that if people were immigrating in numbers from Baltic or Germanic nations, immigration wouldn’t be such an issue for UKIP. Unfortunately for Nigel, his dreams of an Aryan master race are scuppered by all those Syrian’s taking the jobs of lovely, white, Englishmen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768h3Tz4Qik.

In this writers humble opinion, freedom of movement should be a human right for all. UKIP want nothing more than to remove this freedom. However, Farage wants the best of both worlds: a Britain for the British and all the economic freedoms the EU provides, all the while not being part of it. One of the ideas most central to the European Union is the single market. Don’t worry, I’ll keep short. The single market allows for the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital between member states of the EU. To put it simply, the single market interconnects economies and makes us reliant on other member states. This ensures we won’t continue our noble tradition of getting into wars with fellow European countries. This creates a problem for Farage. He cannot leave the EU and keep its benefits. Oh no.

Farage and UKIP seem to have masterminded a way around this little hiccup. You see, certain European nation’s out-with the EU – Norway and Switzerland – can still participate in the single market. Thus meaning that Britain could still benefit from the economics of a single market, without all those pesky Romanians. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The EU requires the Swiss and Norwegians to adhere to the four principles of the single market: freedom of goods, services, capital and people. It seems Farage’s wet dream of an all-white, immigration free UK, with the economic benefits of the EU will not be realised. Wonderful.

The fear of immigration within the UK is a uniquely English problem. A uniquely Southern English problem for that matter. Farage holds no relevance in the rest of the UK. You might recall that he had to be transported from a press conference in Edinburgh in a police van after protests. UKIP only have two seats in the House of Commons and yet they are everywhere. They’re like a bad case of genital herpes. They just won’t go away. You shouldn’t be surprised though; a homophobic party full of upper class racists, masquerading as working class men will always make the news – I’m writing this piece after all – and they will always find support. Despite the rise of the Greens and SNP, UKIP have firmly shifted political debate and coverage to the right. Their policies, as demonstrated above, are disjointed and archaic. This is not a party that will ever hold the balance of power, but they are dangerous. Very dangerous.

David Cameron summed up UKIP perfectly – never thought I’d say that. All the way back in 2006, Cameron described UKIP as a party of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”. As a party they stand against immigration and thus against the EU, but they are for nothing. Their policies are fragmented, their prejudices thinly veiled and their popularity minimal, but they will continue to fight onwards to stop those god damn immigrants taking our jobs!


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