Our Scotland, Our Time

our scotland

Hey! Luna here – the founder and editor of this little venture.

I’ve decided to compile a zine along with some of the other contributors at Have I Got News For Youth to be released just before the general election, entitled “Our Scotland, Our Time”. I’m not sure if it’ll be in print or online form yet but we’ll wait and see how much interest is generated!

Essentially, the idea is to have a collection of “stuff” all to do with being young and Scottish in the political landscape of 2014/2015. So anything goes – poetry, discursive articles, informative essays, opinion columns, tweets, drawings, photos, anything at all that could be put into print form.

If you’re interested in contributing or just want to find out more, email Luna at luna.webster@hotmail.co.uk.

When you contribute make sure to include your name, age, and a link to your twitter, tumblr or any other website so we can direct people to your other online work.

Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you all soon!


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