Political meme of the week #6

It’s a double bill this week courtesy of our old friend Ed – probably the only man in the history of UK politics to be under this much media scrutiny while just doing things that most consider normal. (But really – who eats like that? Who runs like that?)

These are both debate themed. I know, I know, everybody is tiring of the shouting, the sexism and frankly just everything UKIP have said and probably never want to be reminded of the 2015 TV debates ever again, but just for now, open your mind and feast your eyes upon these.


Sadly we don’t know who made this but we love it! If anybody knows who its humble creator is please let us know because we want to credit you. Anyway, this is a response to David Cameron refusing to take part in the debate last night. What do you think? Should the two men go head to head or have we heard all they have to say by now?


At first glance this is a heart warming photo showing the supportive community that exists within women in politics. At second glance this is a photo of somebody who has gone to their mate’s friend’s party and just isn’t really fitting in.


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