Financially, morally bankrupt Britain

Written by Ben Willis

So. 5 more years. I write this with tears forming in the corners of my eyes, it’s painful. This could quite literally be the end of the UK.

We’ve voted in a Tory majority. And the country is poorer for it. It will lurch further to the right than a man who’s had his right leg blown off by a shotgun blast, from a gun wielded by a Tory.

European Bill of Rights? Gone. EU Membership? Gone, if the public’s idiocy keeps. Workers rights? HA HA HA. What are those? Spying on innocent civilians? Yep. That’s back like the spectre at the feast. Scotland leaving the UK? Yep. Probably. Won’t shock.

In their haste to be elected in middle England, the Tories have stirred waves, tsunamis of ugly nationalism, from both sides of Hadrian’s Wall. Turning the English and the Scots against each other when what we should be doing is working together, to make this a better country, improving the lives of all Britons. HA HA. How naïve I am.

And now… the union sleepwalks toward an uncomfortable divorce. The most vulnerable in society made to pay for daring to be born in a less privileged position. The public have voted for a UK that helps the few, to the detriment and pain and misery of the many.

Liberalism and hope have lost an election, out campaigned by the louder, arrogant, morally bankrupt forces of nationalism and amoral conservatism.

The public has voted, and we must accept their decision. Call it the idiotic, stupid, nonsensical act of self-harm it is, but respect it. Call it what it is – a vote that will cause the break up of our little country into even smaller, weaker parts. Bankrupt parts, morally and financially.

It’s the death of a country I can stand behind proudly. Burn its body, before it’s corpse is unceremoniously marched through the streets by the forces of fear and malevolence, and before it’s hung from the rafters for the blind to swing at with lies and misinformation. The USA is almost appealing now. Better to live in a country permanently broken with stupidity and idiocy and injustice and inequality, than a country that willingly inflicts such monstrosities upon itself.

Come friends; mourn with me. Mourn the death of a fairer, more compassionate country, one that helps and protects all its people.

Come, mourn with me friends; mourn the death of that country. A better country, cruelly taken before it’s time.


One response to “Financially, morally bankrupt Britain

  1. I’ve been having exactly the same thoughts, but we have to fight. If we let them take what little we have then that is the end of everything.

    In the words of Gandalf the Grey, despair is not an option; “for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not.”


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