What could be done to improve the EU?

EU flag

Written by Thomas Westgarth

3 ways in which Britain should help to reform the EU

With a Conservative government, the UK is set to have an in/out referendum on their membership of the European Union. Whilst many voters see the main problem of the EU memberships as the free movement of Labour there are many other ways in which the UK can improve the wellbeing of the country whilst remaining in the European Union.

Reduce immigration

Although immigrants contribute to the economy and without them the UK couldn’t function, we should be able to control the quality and quantity of migrants coming into the UK. An influx of unskilled migrants has compressed wages of many unskilled workers, resulting in increased inequality between the richest and the

poorest. England is now the most crowded country in Europe, this results in rocketing house prices and a lack of affordable homes. Limiting migrant benefits will reduce the attraction of moving to the UK and mean there is less strain on public services

Be able to trade with countries outside of the EU

The European Union is the only area in the world that hasn’t grown since the financial crisis. As a result of this the UK will sell less of their goods to their European cousins, generating less money. Due to EU law the UK cannot sign trade deals with non EU members. Reform could be made so that the UK can freely trade with other countries. Cameron could unlock India, a country growing at 7.3% a year, with a large population of English speaking, well educated people. This would generate billions of pounds. This will allow the UK to keep prices low and improve the standards of living for our country

Less bureaucracy, more democracy

We have seen extra layers of pen pushers because of our EU membership; increasing costs and reducing efficiency. For example the British Chambers of Commerce costs the UK £7.4bn. These regulations damage productivity and take away autonomy from UK shores. The introduction of QMV’S (Qualified Majority Voting) means that the EU can overrule decisions made by the UK. This inability to make our own decisions is bad for democracy


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