Merkel and the Troika

angela merkel

Written by Stefan Barrie

This morning I lay in bed listening to an old John Handy record whilst flicking through the days paper, the only paper; The National.

I came across an article regarding Catalonia in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel instilled further fear into the hearts of Catalans desiring to seceed from Spain, and it got me thinking, in a European Union based on peace and the democratic process, at what point are foreign ministers overstepping the political line?

Apparently, Merkel and the Troika deem their snooty behaviour to be politically just, involvement in the Greek Parliamentary vote could be construed as a political invasion, regardless of the outcome. As if Germany hadn’t stuck the industrial boot in enough, it would appear Merkel and other European leaders have seedy intentions regarding Catalonia’s independence vote on September 27th.

Merkel has said publicly that Catalonia would have to reapply for EU membership in the event of secession from Spain, that it “must respect European treaties on territorial integrity”.

Well, by that logic, Merkel and the Troika must respect the democratic decision that the people of Catalonia come to. It seems that under the current European Union, the territorial boundaries of European states are definitively set in stone, unless ofcourse it benefits the Troika.

Just like the Scottish Independence referendum last September, a bigger neighbour has something significant to lose, which more often than not does not go down well with European ministers and so out come the carrot on a stick wielding fear mongers.

You have to ask yourself; Why in a supposedly democratic European Union are leaders from foreign nations involving themselves in matters of no concern to themselves? The answer; There is no democracy in an ultimately far right majority European Union.

I’d like to think in my lifetime, we will live to see free elections without interference throughout Europe, but then again, as one tyrant leaves the head of the table, in steps another.


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