It’s 2016 and we need you!


Happy (belated) New Year HIGNFYouth fans!

2015 was a great time for our site. We launched, saw over 30 contributors submit to us, received well over 25,000 views and hopefully got a lot more young people interested in politics and the society we live in.

2015 also saw my life change quite dramatically as I moved away from home, started a pretty intense journalism course at university and did internships and travelled and whatnot. As great as all that was, it meant I couldn’t focus on this site as much as I wanted to and towards the end of the year my work on it dwindled. Good word, dwindled, isn’t it.

Anyway – 2016 is another huge year in the political world and we are about to see a US presedential election and also a Scottish parliamentary election. Both of these are super exciting and not as predictable as in previous years. Plus it’s the first time 16 and 17 year olds can vote in a Holyrood election which is great for our younger readers!

I want to make Have I Got News For Youth what it was a year ago and I fully believe we can do this if we get some new contributors, discuss new topics and start looking at international politics more than in 2015.

Writing and contributing to Have I Got News For Youth in any way is a fantastic opportunity. My work on the site got me into all five universities I applied for last year, got me internships, filled my CV in a bit and gave me a great lil conversation starter when meeting new people and networking. You can submit pretty much anything you want, whether its writing (opinion, news, whatever), photography, illustration, zines, videos, podcasts, as long it applies to politics and society on some level. Email me at for more information and also submit your work there if you’re interested!

I really hope to hear from some of you soon!



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