Why does everyone fancy Jeremy Corbyn

Written by Luna Webster

I see the charm of Jeremy Corbyn. I get it. He’s a bit like a nice man at the dodgy karaoke night near your uncle’s house who always sings Stand By Me to a decent standard. Not great, but decent. He also wears a fleece quite often and fleeces make a man seem calm and approachable. My Mum once described him as “Santa but a bit gaunt” which also applies, kind of. All of these things create a well rounded aesthetic for a man of a certain age but I’m not sure if I would give him a sexual pet name because of that. Actually, I’ve never been surer of anything in my life.

oh my

I stumbled across a tweet today that I found to be quite thought provoking. It was like reading Sartre if Sartre wrote things that were 140 characters or less. The tweet in question, was in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s post of gratitude regarding his new crowdfunded bike (why are young people on the internet buying Jeremy Corbyn a bike anyway, that is genuinely really very bizarre and reminds me of everyone putting a pound in to get the nice geography teacher a cool mug at the end of the year). It read “ride me like your bike daddy”.


This tweet unearthed a lot of emotions inside me that I hadn’t considered before. I know calling attractive men daddy is a big thing especially on Twitter. I have seen a lot of unexpected people get called daddy on Twitter in my time and it usually doesn’t make me flinch. Louis Theroux? Okay. David Attenborough? Weird, but in a way I understand. Ed Miliband? In all honesty, I have seen Ed Miliband spoken about in a sexual manner that makes daddy seem publicly acceptable. So yes. That I can accept.

But Corbyn? Lovely kind suede elbow patches Corbyn? It’s gone too far. He just wants to ride his bike around and achieve full communism. Is that honestly too much for a man to ask?

Anyway, upon further inspection, this is not the first time the Labour leader and professional fleece model has been called daddy and I’m frankly concerned about it.

why would youWhy would you say this unless to incite vivid nightmares


oh no whyI’m really worried


shockingAt least they are interested in his welfare



Thankfully this is somewhat politically engaged. As DJ Khaled once said: I appreciate that.


ver bad

I know I started this website to get young people involved in politics, but first the Milifandom, now this – I’m really scared.


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