It’s time to fight for women


Written by Lucy Smith

I think we’ve had enough.

When I say we, I don’t just mean myself and a few others. I don’t just mean the people of the UK or even the people of Europe.

I mean everyone. We’ve had enough.

Feminism had never been a huge part of my life when I was younger. I am white and British and, by just being that, I am a very privileged woman and was shut off to the outside world as a child. It wasn’t until I grew into my teenage years that I started to understand the harsh truth of the world. Now, there are many things I could talk about under this subject, but my particular choice is the treatment of women; not necessarily just in the UK.

The aim of this piece is to stress entirely the absolute urgency that needs to be acted on. The world has come a long way with equality in the past 100 years but it has not come far enough yet, not even close.

Right now, as you are reading this, there are 8 year old girls being forced into marriage and there is a huge human trafficking system in which 80% of the victims are girls. In ten countries of this world women are legally bound to obey their husbands. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive and were only given the right to vote last year. In Yemen women are not allowed to leave the house without their husbands. In some parts of India, traffic laws do not apply to women, and 1 in 3 women will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. In Morocco, if a victim’s rapist marries her, the charges will be dismissed. 1 in 3 girls have experienced unwanted sexual touching at school. In some countries girls are not even allowed to attend school, and by God if this all doesn’t fill you up with the most infuriating rage, then please educate yourself more. There are a hundred other reasons why this is so important. Feminism is not a reason to hate men, feminism is a reason to support and care for and help all women of every colour, race and religion around the world. Because trust me, they need it.

It is time to fight back, to do whatever anyone can. To campaign, to visit women in need anywhere, to support charities, to write, to draw, to sing, to help awareness of this urgent cause.

The world’s had enough – and it’s time we started showing it.



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