Video: party political broadcasts

Written by Luna Webster

Today at Have I Got News For Youth we’ve got a lovely political gift to give to you. In a way it’s a lot like Netflix except you don’t need to pay, it’s all about political parties, and there’s only a handful of videos to choose from. If you enjoy promises, visual metaphors and the words “deficit”, “economy” and “pledge”, you’re in for a real treat. What a time to be alive – we’ve collected all the party political broadcasts and put them on one page, just for you.

Let’s start with Labour, who have enlisted the help of part time hobbit and full time human Martin Freeman for their broadcast.

Next up is the Liberal Democrats. In their broadcast they’ve gone with the classic campaigning method of going round the doors.

The Tories have focused on a child growing up and what their party can do to help that process – the video’s got a surprisingly jolly wee song.

UKIP have surprisingly chose to talk about like, immigrants and stuff. Nigel Farage doesn’t wear tweed in the video which is nice I guess – it’s good to see the party are progressing in at least one way.

The Greens have created a full on pop banger to get their views across. It’s sang by lookalikes of the male party leaders and it’s pretty damn catchy. Bet you didn’t expect to be singing about austerity in a boyband fashion when you woke up this morning, right?

The SNP travel around Scotland and chat about what it needs in this dramatic broadcast.

Wales’ Plaid Cymru list a few of their plans over some shots of Wales in their upbeat video.

So there you go – here’s the main parties, each represented in five minutes or less. But this isn’t all you should take into consideration. Head to the party’s websites to learn about their individual policies, people and what they can do for you. If you’re still unsure about who to put a cross beside on May 7, you could also have a look at and see if that helps you make your mind up.

Don’t forget – tomorrow is your last day if you want to register to vote (which we really hope you do!). We don’t care who you vote for but go out there and get your voice heard.


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